Run by the Community, for the Community.

Boats can be tough at times, and for some people, they become so overwhelmingly tough they can find themselves at crisis point.

The Floaty Boat Fund’s vision is pretty simple really – ‘to enable folk to reduce the likelihood of reaching crisis point’.

So what does the FBF plan to do? 

In the short term the generosity of our supporters will enable a series of scheduled workshops focused on essential preventative maintenance. Building knowledge, resilience and empowering the community with a wealth of skills. The FBF’s big future vision is we’ll raise enough money to support individuals in crisis – so every donation gets us one step closer!

Meet the FBF Crew…

The FBF is made up of a committed team of volunteer working group members from the boating and non-boating community:

  1. Cllr Dom Newton – Leader of Bradford on Avon Town Council
  2. Cllr Jim Lynch – Bradford on Avon (North)
  3. Cllr Sarah Gibson – Bradford on Avon (South)
  4. Ros Griffiths – Community Engagement Manager BoA (Wiltshire Council)
  5. Laura Darling – Liveaboard Boater
  6. Jassy Seagull – Liveaboard Boater
  7. Phil Young – Liveaboard Boater
  8. Alice Young -Liveaboard Boater

And behind the scenes of the FBF there is….

BoACAN (Bradford on Avon Community Area Network) is a long-established Community Area Partnership, one of 15 across Wiltshire. BoACAN’s purpose is to provide an independent platform for community projects. They have provided support to many local projects, including Made in Bradford on Avon and The Hub. BoACAN are proud to support The Floaty Boat Fund, providing early stage assistance as it finds it’s own feet.

**The FBF is kindly supported by Bradford On Avon Local Authorities**