Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FBF?

Run by the community, for the community. The Floaty Boat Fund’s vision is pretty simple really – ‘to enable folk to reduce the likelihood of reaching crisis point’.

Why is the FBF needed?

We know boats can be tough at times, sometimes those tough bits become lots-of-tough-bits, sometimes those lots-of-tough-bits blend into one and become a really, really tough bit, and sometimes they become SO overwhelmingly tough it reaches crisis. Crisis point often means lots more stress and expense. The FBF believes building knowledge, resilience and empowering the community with a wealth of skills is key to prevention and keeping more boaters further from crisis.

How is the FBF helping boaters?

In the short term the generosity of our supporters will enable a series of scheduled workshops focused on essential preventative maintenance. Building knowledge, resilience and empowering the community with a wealth of skills. The workshops will cover a range of essential topics all aimed at boat crisis prevention. Check out the calendar of events for more information. The FBF’s big future vision is we’ll raise enough money to support individuals in crisis – so every donation gets us one step closer!

Who is eligible for support?

We’d love to say everyone, everywhere! But the reality is we need to decide on the fairest way to direct the support. Therefore, the FBF supports liveaboard boaters cruising the Kennet & Avon. As the FBF has had such generous support from Bradford on Avon Local Authorities, the preventative workshops will take place in the locality (although we welcome boaters willing to travel).

The FBF is a model we hope can be replicated further afield so please contact us for advice if you’d like to set up something similar in your area.

Can the FBF help me financially?

In the short term, the FBF is unable to offer financial assistance to an individual boater in crisis. However, through future fundraising efforts, the FBF plans to diversify to enable individuals to access crisis support.

If you (or someone you know) needs financial assistance you can check your eligibility for a grant from Turn2us here:

Where can a boater get support?

If you (or someone you know) requires support there are organisations who may be able to help:

  • Travelling Communities Support – Julian House Bath (Alice: 07960 097719 Emily: 07946 200271) or via FB

How can I get involved?

The FBF are delighted to welcome committed individuals to join the ever growing FBF crew! The FBF working group members meet every 6 weeks and each member usually takes a lead in an area to suit their skillset. Please visit our volunteer page for more information.

I have a suggestion, idea or feedback – how can I get in touch?

We welcome as many ideas as possible as the FBF is only as strong as it’s contributors! We encourage you to join our working group if you can commit to regular meetings. However, you can always attend our public meetings (dates available on the calendar of events) or alternatively contact us via our Facebook Page or the website here.